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Domestic Tipping 

Tips on Domestic Tipping

A "tip" is an amount of money given voluntarily for services performed or anticipated as an incentive for special treatment. And tipping properly can contribute immensely to your business travel experience. But tipping can be confusing for the business traveler. Many questions often come to mind when it's time to compensate others for services rendered. Whom should you tip? How much? Do you even need to tip at all?

The information below provides some basic guidelines to help take the guesswork out of tipping in several common domestic business travel situations:
  • Porter/Skycap - The standard tip is $1 per bag?tip more if your luggage is very heavy
  • Hotel Doorman - Tip $1 for hailing you a taxi; tip more for carrying your bags
  • Taxi or Limo Drivers - Tip 15 % of the total fare
  • Shuttle Van or Bus Drivers - Tip $2 per person
  • Valet Parking Attendants - Give a $1 to $2 tip
  • Bellman - The going rate is $1 to $2 per bag. Tip when shown to your room and again for assistance upon checkout. Tip more for any additional service
  • Concierge - Tips can range from $5 to $10 depending on the task(s) requested
  • Room Service - The usual tip is 15% of the bill. Make sure gratuities are not already included in the total. Also, tip $1 for deliveries to your room, such as an iron
  • Housekeeping - A $1 to $2 tip each day is appreciated. Place the tip on the pillow, in an envelope if possible, to ensure the housekeeper knows it's not money mistakenly left behind by the guest
  • Restaurant Staff - When dining out, tip at least 15 % of the total bill. At high-end restaurants, it is appropriate to tip the maitre d' between $5 and $10 for securing your table. Tip $1 for coat check and $.50 to $1 for restroom attendants
  • Great service deserves an extraordinary tip, so use your best judgment when compensating for outstanding service. You will find a minimal investment often pays off in extra special attention that can enhance your business travel experience.