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Packing light is an art form that many business travelers wish they possessed. Mastering the technique of packing just the right items for business trips is harder than it sounds for many travelers. You do not want to pack too light and end up at the corner convenience store picking up forgotten items. On the other hand, you do not want to be lugging around a heavy suitcase with unnecessary belongings. That said, we have compiled techniques for efficient packing to help you with this challenging task.

The first thing you need to do is make a must-have travel checklist. This list will serve multiple functions. A packing list eliminates the panic of last-second packing, serves as a guide for repacking at the end of the trip, and can be useful in the unfortunate event of lost or stolen luggage.

When planning what clothes to bring, consider what can be mixed and matched and what can be done without such as heavy or bulky items. It is also helpful to make a list of the events you will be attending and plan an outfit for each activity. Pick clothes that coordinate well together, based around complimentary colors. For eveningwear, dark colors are your best bet. And last but not least, don't forget to check the weather forecast!

Whew! Your list is now done; however, there is still more to do. Lay out your outfits to make sure you do not have any single-use items or extras. If possible, remove those items from your list. Contact the hotel you are staying at to see what in-room amenities they provide, i.e., hair dryer, shampoo, lotion, etc. If they have it, you can leave it at home.

For toiletries you must have, keep a travel kit perpetually stocked in a waterproof case. There are also a few incidentals that are important to bring such as a first-aid kit, aspirin, Ziploc bags and a small bottle of Woolite. Once your travel kit is complete, pack it in your carry-on bag.

Now that you have made your must-have list and made your travel kit tucked away in your carry-on bag, it is time to start packing your suitcase. The first thing to do is to iron everything, an unpleasant but necessary task. By doing so, the chances of your clothes coming out neat and pressed are improved. Also, button all buttons and zip all zippers.

Folding your clothes properly will also help keep your outfits in tack and reduce the amount of space they take up. You can interlock your clothes by overlapping two pieces of clothing flat and then fold them into each other to aid in defying wrinkles. Or, you can fold and stack clothes placing items to be worn first on the top. Pack tight to eliminate wasted space and reduce wrinkles. Don't forget to stuff small items inside of shoes.

Once you arrive at your destination, unpack immediately to reduce wrinkles. Be sure to pack the suitcase for the return trip exactly the same as you originally did. Do not roll up dirty clothes as it takes up more space.